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Our Mission:
To form productive partnerships between Classics & Custom Auto and the greater classic car community.

Looking Forward:
We envision a future where your car will be maintained by professionals at discount prices. We see “certified” cars all the time in newer models, why not with classics? The Car Club is the first step towards this goal and for you to get discount pricing to help maintain your vintage automobile. A club where the dues actually save you money!

Registration Includes:

  • Discounts, Priority Service,
  • T-Shirt ($89.95 Value),
  • Car Care Gift Kit ($39.95 Value! Includes special cleaning agents from windows to tires!),
  • Photograph of you and your car (or just your car) to be displayed on our website,
  • A certificate of membership in the Club.
Registration Fee$88.00
1st Year Discounted Dues$88.00 per year following the 1st)

Rules and Regulations: Classics & Custom Auto has the right to change yearly and registration fees.  We are hoping to develop the program to include tiers and certification. Joining our club is a great value, not a right.  We maintain the right to exclude people from the property and club that we feel detrimental to our name, the classic car community, or other club members.  Membership dues must be paid before services are performed, not during or after.  Discounts cannot be applied with other promotional offers.  I mean, c’mon, we are already the cheapest and best around! Please allow 4-6 weeks for pickup of registration material and gifts.  We are here for you and our club ensures a higher-level experience you have not witnessed in the industry!

Why Join? Here are just some of the benefits…




  • 5% discount on labor rates that are already the lowest in the area!
  • 5% off parts and free expedited shipping on all orders!
  • 50% off a yearly car inspection!
  • 3rd party vehicle service records always kept on file for future transactions!
  • Priority Service – Get bumped up in line!
  • 20% off vehicle detailing services!
  • 15% off on towing services!
  • 10% off on merchandise!
  • Special Pricing on new services and products!


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