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The Evolution of Classics & Custom Auto

We have often been asked, what does “Baltria” mean?

“Baltria” means a new standard in every industry we apply our great principles and values to. Baltria is a commitment to excellence and providing the best service to both customers and employees. Here great opportunities abound and global commerce is our business. Our word for that is “Baltria”.

What started out as a small café in Lithuania has grown into a renowned restaurant with banquet hall, family park, and interactive car museum. Our car business has expanded to include some of the most beautiful cars in the world at multiple locations worldwide.

Classics & Custom Auto in St. Charles has already received an A+ accreditation by the BBB, as well as community development awards, Gold Member status with the St. Charles of the Chamber of Commerce, and has become the #1 tourism site in the Fox Valley area. Additionally, we manage real estate projects and rental units as part of our property investment division.

Even though our business has continued to evolve, we have never forgetten our roots.



The first logo utilized by Baltria was implemented in 2005 to celebrate the company’s founding. The automobile silhouette represented our international automotive branch, while the three spoked wheel signified the forward movement of our business ventures in cars, real estate, and asset management.


Second Iteration


In 2011, the original design was phased out in favor of a more generic logo that would be more identifiable with Baltria’s other ventures, such as our Lithuanian restaurant and family park.

This was a temporary logo used while the Baltria Coat of Arms was being developed. The outstretched wings were given to the “B” to symbolize Baltria’s continued movement upward toward becoming an industry leader. This particular logo was retired in 2015.

Coat of Arms

Last came the Baltria coat of arms we know today. The latest design encompasses all aspects of the business and includes the following:

1) Wheel – A nod to the origins of Baltria and the establishment of our forward-thinking business model.

2) Fox – At attention on the left of the crest, the fox is a nod to “St. Charles, Pride of the Fox”— the motto of the St. Charles, IL community which is where Baltria’s US location was established.

3) Wolf – Legend has it the wolf came to a man’s dream in Lithuania telling him to build the great capitol city of Vilnius. This city represents the origins of Baltria and is the home of our Lithuanian business.

4) Horses & Sun – Our “Dvaras” loosely translated as “mansion” in Vilnius, is a 600 year old building with frescoes from the 16th century. The horses and sun you see in our shield are depicted on the grates covering the windows. The building is on Arkliu Gatve, or “Horses Street” and the fabled imagery is known as “Saule Zirgai”. These horses deliver the souls of people to the heavens. A touching tribute to our place in history.

5) Crown – The crown is symbolic of the excellence and fairness we incorporate into our work culture resulting in many awards, satisfied customers, and great business relationships.

6) Wings – Another nod to our previous logo and Baltria’s desire to fly above and beyond the competition.



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